556th Bombardment Squadron, Medium


    The 556th Bombardment Squadron was at all time assigned to the 387th Bombardment Group (Medium).

  • Constituted as the 556th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) on November 25, 1942
  • Activated on December 1, 1942.
  • Redesignated the 556th Bombardment Squadron, Medium on October 9, 1944.
  • Inactivated on November 12, 1945.
  • For more history, see 387th Bombardment Group (Medium).
  • Martin B-26 Marauders
  • A total of fifty B-26 combat aircraft were assigned to the squadron during the course of the war. The squadron received its initial complement of fourteen in the United States after it completed its training and before its departure for England. The wings of one of these were overstressed at Langley Field before deployment [I suspect the crew picked up a replacement aircraft in the US but am not sure - ed.]. The squadron received 35 additional aircraft during the course of the war. At war's end, the squadron's availabiltiy list included 18 aircraft; only four of them were from the initial complement.
    Aircraft name*
    Serial No.
    Assigned to**
    First Sortie
    Last Sortie
    Total Sorties
    Sheezabeech II
    The Payoff
    FW-R B-26B-15-MA 41-31641 Bartley
    19 Aug 43
    24 Oct 43
    24 Oct 43: Crash landed due to flak damage (1 KIA, 2 WIA)
    Los Lobos Grande FW-P B-26B-20-MA 41-31674 Grau
    2 Aug 43
    25 Jun 44
    25 Jun 44: Crash landed due to flak damage
    Dubissary FW-J B-26B-20-MA 41-31675 Ulvestad
    31 Jul 43
    3 Feb 44
    3 Feb 44: Transferred to 1st Pathfinder Sq.
    Jisther FW-C B-26B-20-MA 41-31677 Anderson
    2 Aug 43
    25 Jun 44
    25 Jun 44: Accident during takeoff preparations (1 KIA)
        B-26B-20-MA 41-31678 Sargent
    13 or 14 Jun 43: Wings overstressed at Langley Field, Va.
    Itsy Bitsy FW-K B-26B-20-MA 41-31679 Watson
    24 Aug 43
    8 Mar 44
    8 Mar 44: Crash landed after mid-air collision during formation assembly
    Sheezabeech   B-26B-20-MA 41-31680 Bartley
    25 Jun 43: Cracked up on arrival at Sta. 162 from U.S.
    Jolly Roger
    Shady Lady II
    FW-N B-26B-20-MA 41-31682 Adams
    31 Jul 43
    15 Feb 44
    15 Feb 44: Shot dowm by flak over target (6 KIA)
    Double Trouble FW-A B-26B-20-MA 41-31684 Tribby
    2 Aug 43
    8 Mar 44
    8 Mar 44: Crashed after mid-air collision during formation assembly (6 KIA)
    Tabasco FW-B B-26B-20-MA 41-31686 Campbell
    24 Aug 43
    18 Mar 45
    18 Mar 45: Shot down by flak over target (6 KIA)
    Stinky FW-D B-26B-20-MA 41-31688 Jones
    15 Aug 43
    26 Apr 45
    Survived war
    Hangover Hut FW-F B-26B-20-MA 41-31694 Sanders
    31 Jul 43
    26 Apr 45
    Survived war
    QQQQ FW-G B-26B-20-MA 41-31695 Dillionaire
    15 Aug 43
    26 Apr 45
    Survived war
    Roughernacob FW-H B-26B-20-MA 41-31696 Williamson
    31 Jul 43
    12 Aug 44
    12 Aug 44: Crash landed due to flak damage
    Gravel Agitator
    Lady Janet
    B-26B-20-MA 41-31700 Ives
    31 Jul 43
    19 Feb 45
    Survived war
    Top Sarge FW-M B-26B-20-MA 41-31704 Sargent
    31 Jul 43
    26 Mar 44
    26 Mar 44: Crash landed due to flak damage (2 KIA)
    Gravel Gertie FW-B B-26B-25-MA 41-31793  
    30 Mar 45
    18 Apr 45
    18 Apr 45: Shot down by ME-262 (6 KIA)
    Sweatin' Five
    FW-X B-26B-25-MA 41-31811  
    4 Dec 43
    15 Feb 45
    15 Feb 45: Crash landed due to flak damage
    Miss Satan II
    Black Fury
    FW-Z B-26B-25-MA 41-31866  
    4 Dec 43
    8 Jun 44
    8 Jun 44: Nosewheel collapsed landing on steel-matted fighter strip.
    Queen of the Gremlins
    FW-Y B-26B-25-MA 41-31867  
    13 Dec 43
    18 Nov 44
    Nov 44: Crashed during takeoff on night training exercise and burned (2 killed)
    Dorothy S
    Short Snorter
    FW-T B-26B-30-MA 41-31900  
    9 Sep 43
    17 Nov 44
    17 Nov 44: Engine missed on takeoff; nose gear collapsed on relanding
    (unnamed) FW-U B-26B-30-MA 41-31908  
    8 Sep 43
    9 Sep 43
    9 Sep 43: Shot down by flak (6 KIA)
    (unnamed) FW-S B-26B-30-MA 41-31911  
    8 Sep 43
    9 Sep 43
    9 Sep 43: Crash landed due to flak damage (2 WIA)
    Tidal Wave
    FW-Q B-26B-30-MA 41-31912  
    9 Oct 43
    26 Apr 45
    Survived war
    Middleweight Champ FW-S B-26B-30-MA 41-31952  
    9 Oct 43
    11 Nov 43
    11 Nov 43: Crash landed due to flak damage
    It Could Happen To You FW-U B-26B-30-MA 41-34899  
    15 Aug 44
    26 Apr 45
    Survived war
    Lucky Lady
    No Pokes
    FW-N B-26C-20-MO 41-35062  
    21 Apr 44
    25 May 44
    Transferred from another bomb group
    25 May 44: Takeoff accident
    Shootin' In FW-K B-26B-50-MA 42-95857 Clark 
    18 Mar 44
    19 Apr 45
    Survived war
    Circle Jerk FW-L B-26B-50-MA 42-95858  
    29 Feb 44
    21 Sep 44
    21 Sep 44: Hit oil drum on runway in practice night landing
    Boogy Buggy FW-N B-26B-55-MA 42-96107  
    29 May 44
    19 Apr 45
    Survived war
    (unnamed) FW- B-26B-55-MA 42-96190  
    12 May 44
    12 May 44
    12 May 44: Became unstable; crew bailed out, aircraft crashed (2 MIA)
    (unnamed) FW-H B-26F-1-MA 42-96268  
    6 Sep 44
    25 Nov 44
    28 Nov 44: Training accident
    Satchel Lass FW-O B-26F-1-MA 42-96310  
    30 Jun 44
    26 Apr 45
    Survived war
    June Bug
    FW-M B-26C-45-MO 42-107606  
    27 May 44
    25 Dec 44
    25 Dec 44: Shot down by flak; crew bailed out safely
    Oh Do It Again
    Los Lobos Grande II
    FW-R B-26C-45-MO 42-107612  
    18 Mar 44
    4 Aug 44
    4 Aug 44: Crash landed due to flak damage
    Top Sarge 2nd FW-J B-26C-45-MO 42-107684  
    25 May 44
    26 Apr 45
    Survived war
    S.S.F.F. FW-A B-26C-45-MO 42-107719  
    6 Oct 44
    26 Apr 45
    Survived war
    Mah Ideel FW-U B-26C-45-MO 42-107835  
    4 Jun 44
    4 Aug 44
    4 Aug 44: Crash landed due to flak damage
    Off Limits FW-T B-26G-1-MA 43-34119  
    29 Nov 44
    18 Apr 45
    Survived war
    20 May 45: Crashed on training flight
    (unnamed) FW-R B-26G-1-MA 43-34134  
    15 Aug 44
    9 Nov 44
    Transferred to 558th BS to become KX-D
    Survived war with a total of 77 sorties
    Los Lobos Grande III FW-P B-26G-5-MA 43-34186  
    28 Aug 44
    12 Apr 45
    Survived war
    (unnamed) FW-Y B-26G-5-MA 43-34303  
    9 Dec 44
    25 Dec 44
    25 Dec 44: Shot down by flak; crew bailed out safely
    Vulgar Vulture FW-R B-26G-15-MA 43-34334  
    30 Oct 44
    9 Apr 45
    9 Apr 45: Shot down by ME-262 (5 KIA, 1 POW)
    Happy Warrior FW-R B-26G-15-MA 44-67830  
    Survived war
    (unnamed) FW-H B-26G-15-MA 44-67880  
    12 Dec 44
    2 Jan 45
    2 Jan 45: Takeoff accident
    (unnamed) FW-H B-26G-15-MA 44-67886  
    14 Jan 45
    12 Apr 45
    9 Apr 45: Did not return from mission
    Dragonnas FW-Y B-26G-15-MA 44-67904  
    1 Jan 45
    26 Apr 45
    Survived war
    (unnamed) FW-M B-26G-15-MA 44-67906  
    1 Jan 45
    19 Apr 45
    Survived war
    (unnamed) FW-V B-26G-20-MA 44-68071  
    5 Mar 45
    19 Apr 45
    Survived war
    (unnamed) FW-X B-26G-20-MA 44-68087  
    28 Feb 45
    26-Apr 45
    Survived war
    *      Aircraft shown with two names were renamed during their service life; the names are listed in chronological order.
    **    Being assigned a plane meant it was yours to name and yours to fly if available. In the beginning the pilots and crews generally did fly their own planes. However, a crew's plane was not always available: it might need repair or maintenance, or it might have been used on a morning mission and couldn't be prepared in time for one in the afternoon. Since all flight crews did not fly all missions, a crew whose plane was unavailable would be assigned to fly another crew's plane. As time went on crew/aircraft pairing became more and more scrambled.
    ***  Does not include sorties while aircraft was assigned to other squadrons.
    Squadron Commanders
    Major Walter J. Ives ( - 31 Dec 44)
    Capt. Glenn Grau (1 Jan 1944 - Feb 45)
    Major Mansel R. Campbell (Feb 45 - )
    Squadron Navigator
    McBride, William V. (Jul 43 - )
    Flight Surgeon
    Capt. F. L. Watters  ( - 9 Dec 44 KIA)
    Crew T1  Killed in training accident out of MacDill Field, Florida, February 1943
        2nd Lt. Kolb Victor H.            Pilot
        2nd Lt. Dawson R.                 CP
        2nd Lt. Elson J. R.               B/N
        S/Sgt.  Luzak W. J.               ROG
        S/Sgt.  Allen W. H.               EG

    Crew T2  Killed in training accident out of MacDill Field, Florida, April 1943
        2nd Lt. Hausch E. J.              Pilot
        2nd Lt. Baskin R. J.              CP
        2nd Lt. Bailey R. E.              B/N
        S/Sgt.  Jones J. H.               ROG
        Pvt.    Beal L. C.                EG
        PFC     Miller F. P.              Photo.

    Crew T3  Killed in training accident out of MacDill Field, Florida, April 1943
        2nd Lt. Sterpole P. R.            Pilot
        2nd Lt. Allen T. F.               CP
        2nd Lt. Kozel W. S.               B/N
        T/Sgt.  Van Natta M. E.           ROG
        S/Sgt.  Smith F. E.               EG
        S/Sgt.  Trainer C. F.             AG

    Crew 1  Assigned aircraft: 41-31700 "Gravel Agitator"
        Capt.   Walter J. Ives            Pilot
        2nd Lt. Philip H. Moore           CP
        2nd Lt. Morris B. Klein           B/N
        M/Sgt.  Elbert J. Pryor           Radio
        Sgt.    John L. Marshall          AG

        Maj.    Walter J. Ives            Pilot
        2nd Lt. Francis D. Scurr          CP
        2nd Lt. Joseph Nestor             Navigator
        2nd Lt. Carl B. Cooper            Bombardier
        S/Sgt.  Willis G. Kelce           EG
        T/Sgt.  Charles A. Martyn         ROG
        S/Sgt.  William H. Berry          AG

    Crew 2  Assigned aircraft: 41-31682 "Jolly Roger"
        1st Lt. Stephen S. Adams          Pilot
        2nd Lt. Weldon J. Allen           CP
        2nd Lt. Richard C. Moffett        B/N
        S/Sgt.  Ben D'Alessio             EG
        T/Sgt.  Richard F. Palmer         ROG
        S/Sgt.  Wilbur T. Beck            EG   (prob one EG belongs in Crew 1 or is an AG)

    Crew 3  Assigned aircraft: 41-31684 "Double Trouble"
        1st Lt. Wilford H. Tribby         Pilot
        2nd Lt. Philip H. Sheridan        CP
        2nd Lt. Joseph Nester             B/N
        S/Sgt.  Joseph J. Nowak           EG
        S/Sgt.  Leslie E. Spice           ROG
        Pvt.    Rayburn E. Thomas         AG

    Crew 4  Assigned aircraft: 41-31686 "Tabasco"
        2nd Lt. Mansel R. Campbell        Pilot
        2nd Lt. Burton J. Anderso         CP
        2nd Lt. James P. Spurlock         B/N
        S/Sgt.  Edward V. Burd            EG
        T/Sgt.  Burl W. Thompson          ROG
        S/Sgt.  Harley W. Altizer         AG
        1st Lt. Robert B. Morson          Nav/GEE

    Crew 5  Assigned aircraft: 41-31677 "Jisther"
        1st Lt. James E. Anderson        Pilot
        1st Lt. Albert W. Wells           CP
        2nd Lt. George J. Seeley          B/N
        S/Sgt.  James G. McLoughlin, Jr.  EG
        T/Sgt.  Frank J. Sicola           ROG
        S/Sgt.  Norman R. Chicoine        AG

    Crew 6  Assigned aircraft: 41-31688 "Stinky"
        2nd Lt. Robert S. Jones           Pilot
        2nd Lt. Herbert L. Abrahamson     CP
        2nd Lt. Carl B. Cooper            B/N
        PFC     Harold R. Gehrke          EG
        S/Sgt.  Tesie A. Willoughby       ROG
        Pvt.    Samuel C. Maxwell         AG

    Crew 7  Assigned aircraft: 41-31694 "Hangover Hut"
        1st Lt. William H. Sanders        Pilot
        2nd Lt. Edwin J. Anderson         CP
        2nd Lt. Carl M. Caudill           B/N
        S/Sgt.  Raymond E. Vogel          EG
        T/Sgt.  Benjamin Costello, Jr.    ROG
        PFC     Joseph A. Alfree          AG

    Crew  8  Assigned aircraft: 41-31695 "QQQQ"
                Earl J. Dillionaire       Pilot
        2nd Lt. Richard M. Abrams, Jr.    CP
        2nd Lt. Robert E. Poe             B/N
        S/Sgt.  Joseph Ballirano          EG
        Sgt.    Albert Grivois            ROG
        S/Sgt.  Lionel W. MacFarland      AG

    Crew 9  Assigned aircraft: 41-31696 "Roughernacob"
        1st Lt. Samuel S. Williamson, Jr. Pilot
        2nd Lt. William M. Chase III      CP
        2nd Lt. John B. Niell             B/N
        S/Sgt.  Harry Trevinger           EG
        T/Sgt.  Harold M. McCorkle        ROG
        S/Sgt.  Charles M. Jablonski      AG

    Crew 10  Assigned aircraft: 41-31675 "Dubissary"
        2nd Lt. Richard J. Ulvestad       Pilot
        2nd Lt. Gordon R. Hatt            CP
        2nd Lt. Arr K. Jorgenson          B/N
        Pvt.    Oliver Bragg              EG
        T/Sgt.  Fred L. Murray            ROG
        S/Sgt.  Hugh F. Snyder            AG

    Crew 11  Assigned aircraft: 41-31679 "Itsy Bitsy"
        1st Lt. Jess A. Watson            Pilot
        2nd Lt. Thomas W. Deering         CP
        2nd Lt. Arthur W. Newett, Jr.     B/N
        S/Sgt.  Curtiss L. Christley      EG
        T/Sgt.  Andrew Smerek             ROG
        S/Sgt.  Carl O. Kihlstrom         AG

    Crew 12  Assigned aircraft: 41-31680 Sheezabeech; 41-31641 "Sheezabeech II/The Payoff"
        1st Lt. Houston N. Bartley        Pilot
        2nd Lt. Charles W. Dickson        CP
        2nd Lt. Cleo C. Terrio            B/N
        S/Sgt.  Burns P. Gillispie        EG
        T/Sgt.  Lloyd H. Allen            ROG
        Sgt.    Peter Smiljanich          AG
    [crew verified at 2 dates]

    Crew 13 Assigned aircraft: 41-31678; 41-31704 "Top Sarge"
        2nd Lt. Edward D. Sargent         Pilot
        2nd Lt. Donald L. Ogden           CP
        2nd Lt. William M. Boggis         B/N
        S/Sgt.  Harry Bear                EG, AG
        T/Sgt.  Robert A. Nordlehne       ROG
        PFC     Felbert A. Petachi        AG
    [Sargent, Ogden, Nordlehne & Bear verified at 2 dates]
        S/Sgt.  Joseph E. Somoski         EG  [unk if substitute or permanent replacement]

    Crew 14  Assigned aircraft: 41-31674 "Los Lobos Grande"
        Capt.   Glenn F. Grau             Pilot
        2nd Lt. Francis D. Scurr          CP
        2nd Lt. Robert M. Sherman         B/N
        S/Sgt.  Lloyd E. Frazer           EG
        T/Sgt.  Charles A. Martyn         ROG
        Pvt.    Henry A. Havens           AG

        Capt.   Glenn F. Grau             Pilot
        Lt.     Richard Abrams            CP
                Morris "Mo" Klein         GEE
        2nd Lt. William V. McBride        Nav.
        Lt.     Carl Cooper               Bomb.
        1st Lt. Dillionair                Formation observer
        Sgt.    Schenk                    Turret gunner
        S/Sgt.  Peter Ogilvie             Tail gunner

    Crew XX  Assigned aircraft: 41-31908
        2nd Lt. E. H. Brown               Pilot
        2nd Lt. W. S. Ogilvie             CP
        2nd Lt. H. G. Olney               B/N
        S/Sgt.  N. F. Reese               EG
        S/Sgt.  A. T. Thompson            ROG
        S/Sgt.  D. J. Leech               AG

    Crew XX
        1st Lt. William Moriarty                   Pilot
        2nd Lt. Jesse Wilkes                       CP
        2nd Lt. Clarence "Whitey" Bergland         B/N
        S/Sgt.  Kenneth "Skip" Schell              EG
        T/Sgt.  Doyle "Honorable" Gantt            ROG
        S/Sgt.  Charles "Chuck" Salas              AG

    Crew XX  Assigned aircraft: 41-31911 [Shady Lady]
        1st Lt. Thomas L. Alford                   Pilot    KIA
        2nd Lt. Winston W. Hunt                    CP       KIA
        1st Lt. Michael G. Koury                   B/N      KIA
        S/Sgt.  Clyde M. Lawrence                  EG       KIA
        T/Sgt.  Robert M. Authur                   ROG      POW
        S/Sgt.  Clarence E. Dalrymple              AG       POW

    Crew XX
        2nd Lt. George G. Magowan         Pilot
        2nd Lt. Joseph M. Pallene         CP
        Sgt.    Raymond C. English        Togglier
        Sgt.    William R. Cross          EG
        Sgt.    Donald S. Martin          ROG
        S/Sgt.  Edward J. Parker          AG

    Crew XX
        2nd Lt. Robert S. Jones           Pilot
        2nd Lt. Herbert L. Abrahamson     CP
        2nd Lt. Carl B. Cooper            B/N
        PFC     Harold R. Gehrke          EG
        S/Sgt.  Tesie A. Willoughby       RG
        Pvt.    Samuel C. Maxwell         AG

    Crew XX
        1st Lt. James M. Neff             Pilot
        2nd Lt. James I. Harris           CP
        2nd Lt. Vernon L. Briscoe         Bomb.
        2nd Lt. Russell H. Trapper        Nav.
        M/Sgt.  Parris W. Hooper          GEE
        S/Sgt.  William F. Gamble         EG
        T/Sgt.  William J. Thompson, Jr.  ROG
        S/Sgt.  Walter H. Simmons         AG

    Crew XX
        1st Lt. Verne V. Thompson         Pilot
        2nd Lt. William R. "Red" Sherman  CP
        2nd Lt. Russel H. Trapper         B/N
        S/Sgt.  Henry L. Mayre            EG
        S/Sgt.  Robert H. Pitt II         ROG
        S/Sgt.  Robert A. Leipse          AG
        S/Sgt.  Robert B. Roark           AG      [either a later addition or a temp for Trapper]

    Crew XX
        2nd Lt. Edward L. Walker          Pilot
        2nd Lt. L. Opalka                 CP
        2nd Lt. G. L. Swift               B/N
        Sgt.    John L. Scalzo            EG
        Sgt.    Gerald G. Kalas           ROG
        T/Sgt.  Frank M. Papile           ROG     [??]

    Crew XX
        1st Lt. Eugene H. Neilson         Pilot

    Crew XX
        2nd Lt. George Patterson          Pilot
        2nd Lt. Robert W. Sibinski        CP
        S/Sgt.  Harold W. Stafford        EG

    Crew XX
        Lt.     James I. Harris           Pilot
        Lt.     Curtiss Booker            CP
        S/Sgt.  Bill Gamble               EG
                William J. Thompson       ROG    previously with Neff's crew
        S/Sgt.  Walt Simmons              AG

    Crew XX
        2nd Lt. John D. Stroud            Pilot
        2nd Lt. Robert K. McCune          CP
        Sgt.    Owen D. Kendrick          EG
        Sgt.    Glenn A. Ryel             EG
        Sgt.    William D. Seitz          ROG
        S/Sgt.  Albert T. Hodgson         AG

    Crew XX
        1st Lt. R. W. Bates               Pilot
        2nd Lt. F. F. Bangert             CP
        1st Lt. G. E. Warner              B/N
        S/Sgt.  Arthur Homer, Jr.         EG
        Sgt.    Leland S. Wiggs           ROG
        Sgt.    M. L. Marr                AG

    Crew XX
        1st Lt. Ben Van Cleave            Pilot
        1st Lt. Paul R. "Robin" Priday    CP
        1st Lt. Lawrence Ritter           Bomb.
        2nd Lt. Ferdinand Dausen          Nav.
        T/Sgt.  Harold E. Schweighart     GEE
        S/Sgt.  Alex Roskowski            EG
        T/Sgt.  William Robinson          ROG
        S/Sgt.  Raymond Martin            AG

    Crew XX
        1st Lt. John Alexander            Pilot
        1st Lt. Hugh Avery                CP
        1st Lt. Harvey Allen, Jr.         B/N
        1st Lt. Joseph E. Genome          Nav.
        T/Sgt.  William Miller            GEE
        S/Sgt.  Michael Aguilar           EG
        T/Sgt.  Harold Reed               ROG
        S/Sgt.  Kennard Billington        AG

    Engineering Section
    Each of the squadron's four flights had one Flight Chief, who supervised a minimum of four Crew Chiefs and eight Assistant Crew Chiefs. The four Flight Chiefs reported to one Line Chief, who was under the supervision of the Engineering Officer and his assistant officer. When the group first arrived in England USAAF Technical Orders called for the squadron to have sixteen Crew Chiefs; this was later increased to nineteen.
    Capt.   Ray T. Norman          Engineering Officer (Officer in Charge-OIC)
    M/Sgt.  Paul A. Stackhouse     Line Chief

    M/Sgt.  Edward J. Bearden      Flight Chief
    M/Sgt.  George R. Collins      Flight Chief
    M/Sgt.  John W. Gorski         Flight Chief
    M/Sgt.  Joseph W. Gibson       Flight Chief
    M/Sgt.  Albert H. Moraw        Flight Chief [Left group after arrival in England]

    T/Sgt. George Anthony          Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. Lester B. Chase         Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. Thomas F. Coughlin      Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. John Early              Crew Chief
    S/Sgt. Franklyn P. Fetzer      Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. William Gault           Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. Elbert B. Goss          Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. Gerard J. Goulet        Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. Odies Gover             Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. Frank Gregg             Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. Steven Haberski         Crew Chief
    S/Sgt. Bernard F. Helliage     Crew Chief
    S/Sgt. Dwight J. Hemphill      Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. Eldon L. Keys           Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. Henry A. Lis            Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. Charles Olzewski        Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. Walter J. Ramage Jr.    Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. James E. Stalnaker      Crew Chief
    T/Sgt. George J. Vasumpar      Crew Chief

    Cpl.   George E. Allard        Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   John Arbogast           Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Robert E. Armstrong     Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   James D. Barnes         Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Joseph W. Beatty        Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Lenor F. Benesch        Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Floyd R. Bond           Asst. Crew Chief
    Sgt.   Chester Bowser          Asst. Crew Chief
    Sgt.   Seymour Cohen           Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Russel H. Cumiford      Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Arthur O. Dahl          Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   John F. Dalton          Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Bert P. Darden          Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Clyde Davidson          Asst. Crew Chief
    Sgt.   Charles W. Davis        Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Clinton I. Dean         Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Luther Evans            Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Gordon R. Hatt          Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Edward F. Higgins       Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Earl Hoffman            Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Charles McKeen          Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Patekenrode             Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   James G. Peterson       Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Peter Petrie            Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   John Pierce             Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Frank E. Pridgen        Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Presley Roberts         Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Ralph B. Robinson       Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Verlis Rose             Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   John Sublett            Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Harold Terry            Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   Robert Whitcomb         Asst. Crew Chief
    Cpl.   W. B. Wyatt             Asst. Crew Chief

    T/Sgt. Emery A. See            Electrician
    S/Sgt. Emery A. Seeley         Electrician
    Sgt.   Norman F. Bremer        Electrician
    Cpl.   Luther C. Evans         Electrician

    Sgt.   Jerry Mejuer            Instrument Specialist

    Cpl.   Francis H. Eckenrode    Parachute Maintenance

    T/Sgt. Hollis L. Sharp         Propeller Specialist
    Cpl.   Seymour J. Dunfey       Propeller Specialist
    Cpl.   John L. Marshall        Propeller Specialist

    M/Sgt.  Ohmer D. Shade         Chief Inspector

            Everett E. Chamberlain
            Dennis E. Egan
            Millard Griffith
            Robert T. Kellison
            - Leslie
            John Leuck
            Clarence E. McLain
            Joseph E. Means
            - Riggs
            - Robins
            Arley Ross
            J. C. Sherard
            Louis L. Tigner
            Emory Voyles

    Armament Section
    Capt.   Archibald W. Walker      Officer in Charge
    M/Sgt.  Thomas T. Boyd
    T/Sgt.  Joseph C. Gilbert
    S/Sgt.  Stanley E. Curry         Bombsight maintenance
    S/Sgt.  Carl O. Kihlstrom        Previously flew 25 missions as a gunner
    S/Sgt.  Charles D. Johnson
    S/Sgt.  Edward J. Maraoney
    S/Sgt.  Robert L. Peet
    Sgt.    Lee H. Hendricks
    Sgt.    Darwin W. Morse Jr.
    Sgt.    Robert D. Mull
    Sgt.    James E. Munn
    Sgt.    Frank E. Nelson
    Sgt.    Ishmel C. Norman
    Sgt.    Jay A. Wells
    Cpl.    Elton A. Armstrong
    Cpl.    Hugh A. Coll
    Cpl.    John M. Cottallino
    Cpl.    John P. Fesler
    Cpl.    Clarence E. Francis
    Cpl.    Jay T. Gardner
    Cpl.    Arthur J. Giancotti
    Cpl.    Thomas C. Haggith
    Cpl.    Heschel Handy Jr.
    Cpl.    Earl M. Huffman
    Cpl.    Frank F. Kowalczyk
    Cpl.    Leighton R. McKeen
    Cpl.    Edward H. Ott
    Cpl.    Charles Petty
    Cpl.    Allie W. Poteat Jr.
    Cpl.    Richard W. Savage
    Cpl.    John K. Sublett
    Cpl.    Martin E. Thibo
    Cpl.    Marshall W. Torrey
    Cpl.    Martin York
    PFC     Henry P. Finkler
    PFC     Joseph C. Kelly
    PFC     Robert J. Lorenzi
    PFC     Edwin J. Webb
            Thomas T.  Floyd
            Holzcamp Norman E.
            Richard Kryston
    Ordnance Section
    1st Lt. Edward Sivright        Officer in Charge
    T/Sgt.  Alexander Grieve Jr.
    Sgt.    Francis E. Hightower   Section Clerk

    Sgt.    Magne Lohne            Section Chief
    Cpl.    Joseph Dowell
    Cpl.    Chester Gleba
    Cpl.    Everett R. Howie
    PFC     Salvatore A. Fariello
    PFC     Paul J. Franco
    PFC     Donald A. Gibson
    Pvt.    James P. F. Adams
            Richard Toney
            William Dobbs
            Myron Gordon
            - Hunter

    S/Sgt.  John S. Maciolek        Section Chief
    S/Sgt   Stanley Folk
    Sgt.    Edward J. Hemze
    Sgt.    Edward Ignasiak
    Sgt.    Fred O. Kuhl
    Cpl.    Raymond Denton
    Cpl.    Frederick Giles
    PFC     Maurice Fox
    PFC     Gilbert Hennie
    PFC     Edward Lindberg
    PFC     Fred Silverstein
    Pvt.    James L. Chambers

    Alphabetical Roster